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Corrections specific Training offered by LEORTC

Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety is an eight-hour course specially designed for law enforcement officers, corrections officers, first responders and other public safety professionals. This training will help participants to better understand mental illnesses and addictions and provide them with effective response options to deescalate incidents without compromising safety.

Topics to be covered include: 

 Recognizing the signs of additions and mental illness
 5-step Action Plan to assess a situation and provide help
 Impact of mental and substance use disorders
 Local resources and where to turn for help

This fast moving presentation will explore the myths and realities concerning Excited Delirium as a Unique Syndrome. Presentation will include case study review, video presentation, and a legal review. The goals of this seminar are to reduce in-custody deaths by training officers in dealing with an individual with Excited Delirium and to keep officers safe. Issues to be explored include:

 The History of Sudden Death
 Sudden In-Custody Death and Excited Delirium
 Four Phases of Excited Delirium
 Medical Emergency vs. Criminal Act
 Use of Force Considerations
 Case Studies and Legal Review

This 4-hour training seminar is specifically tailored for Corrections Professionals from all organizational levels. Participants will learn about changes in the law and the most current trends in litigation. It is recognized that Corrections is one of the most demanding, yet mandated, functions in government. The goal of this seminar is to provide participants with this information in an effort to limit their exposure, and the exposure of their organization, to the impact of litigation.

Topics to be discussed include:
Constitutional Law Pertaining to Inmates
Pretrial Detainee Rights
42 USC 1983 Related Topics (4th and 8th Amendment Issues)  PLRA (Prison Litigation Reform Act)
State Law Claims – New Developments
Employment Updates

Working Behind Bars is one of most challenging and dangerous careers in law enforcement. There is also the potential for significant liability, both individual and organizational, associated with the responsibilities of the Corrections Officer.  It is incumbent on each officer to understand and utilize leadership skills to minimize liability pitfalls.  This course has been developed to assist officers in becoming skilled professionals and self-directed leaders.